We always welcome new committee members, and we would be pleased to hear from you if you are willing to join. The Committee meets two or three times a year, once in Spring, once the night before the Summer Reunion, and in Autumn. Please contact m@rjorie.com by email or by using the address below:

      Marjorie Taylor      

3 Cotswold Road

      North Shields


President 2019 - 2020          Patsy Castree

Chairman                        Tony Ferguson

Secretary                       Dorothy Pearlman  
Treasurer                       Mark Elliott

Editor                              Marjorie Taylor

Social Secretary            Patsy Castree

Membership Secretary Helen Morris

Committee                      Max Friedheim

                 Fiona Waters

                 Malcolm Bell

                 Jill Forrest

                 Maurice Tate

President 2019 -20

Patsy Castreen

Mail: m@rjorie.com


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