These are heavyweight fleece jackets with full zip. They are Forest Green with an embroidered badge bordered by the words 'Brookfield' and 'We seek the truth'. They have two zippered pockets and an up or down collar. They are long length and the sizes are



L-41/42  Sold out

XL-43/44  Sold out


Cost £35.00+£4.00 UK P&P. £6.00 airmail P&P for rest of world.

Brookfield Fleece

Malcolm Teasdale is a former pupil and artist whose work is now exhibited in many galleries around the country and has been included in “Best Of British”,  a collection of some of the best of 21st century British Art.

These paintings were also originally commissioned by old scholars.

Malcolm’s work is very collectable and you can see examples at www.panterandhall.com/Artists.aspx

Malcolm has produced signed limited edition prints size 40cm x 31cms which are for sale at £30 + £5.00 UK p&p The proceeds will be used to fund future reunions.

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Original Art Prints

Brookfield Winter




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Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

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