WOSA Annual Reunion 2013

It had been 37 years since I last stood on what was the front lawn at Brookfield, why it had taken so long to return I don’t really know. In the past on reading the WOSA newsletter I had often considered attending the July reunion but had never got round to arranging anything, this year was going to be different.

On our way to Aspatria Rugby Club Terri and I stopped off at Wigton for a quick look around, enjoyed a cup of coffee at the Spotted Cow and I reacquainted myself with the aroma of the plastics factory. On arrival at the Rugby Club we were soon deep in conversation and recounting stories of our time at Brookfield, after the AGM a splendid buffet lunch was laid on which gave us more opportunity to catch up on the news and reaffirm friendships.

That evening about 45 of us met up for dinner at the Hallmark Hotel in Carlisle, with similar year groups being seated together this gave us another chance to share experiences and stories we had in common to reminisce about, this chatter was only subdued by the arrival of a lovely meal. After an auction to raise funds for WOSA and the official hand over to the new president a few of us younger ones decided to sample the night life of Carlisle until the early hours.

On the Sunday morning a little bit worse for wear we travelled to Brookfield to enjoy tea, scones and cakes on the lawn in front of the old sick bay cottage. This was followed by a walk up Cuddy Lonning some even managing to complete the circuit via Wigton, the haunted house and back was far enough for me, on returning to Brookfield we said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch, then set off home after having experienced a very enjoyable weekend.

My only concern is that I was the only one there from my year group, we really need more pupils to attend especially those who left after 1970, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Paul Davison


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