Girls Clothing List


(Please keep by you for future reference)

1 Brown Felt Hat.

1 Brown Beret.

1 Full-length Brown Coat.

1 Raincoat, Brown, preferably gabardine.

*1 School Blazer

2 Pairs of Gloves

1 Scarf. (Scarves in school colours are obtainable at Jespers, Carlisle).

1 School Tie

Also, if desired, for older girls,

* 1 Brown Costume, with white Blouse or Jumper.

1 Brown Tunic (gored) (Forms I and II)

1 Brown Skirt (gored) (Forms III – VI)

1 Sunday Dress – of self-colour warm woollen material and of neat design.

1 Brown Dress and either a second Dress or a Skirt and Jumper (of any colour). Both of woollen material in winter terms, and of same       warmth as Sunday Dress.

4 Blouses (white with green checks. Blouses or material to make them to be obtained from Jespers, Carlisle).

* 1 Cardigan to match Sunday Dress.

* 1 Cardigan to wear with skirt or second dress.

* 1 Brown Jumper.

1 Brown Cardigan or Pullover.

1 Dressing Gown.

1 Science Overall – with long sleeves, and to cover dress completely.

3 Night gowns or pyjamas.

3 Pairs Combinations or 3 Vests.

3 Bodices of “Liberty” type. (For older girls, 2 soft suspender belts and brassieres are allowed).

5 Pairs Brown Knickers (not silk), two marked for P.T.

2 Pairs Stockings or Knee Socks (Form I and II).

Ankle Socks – a good supply, brown or fawn.

1 Laundry Bag.

1 Nightdress Case.

2 Brush and Comb Bags, with 1 Brush, 2 Combs and 1 Small-tooth Comb.

1 Sponge Bag, with Nail Brush, Tooth Brush, and Face Cloth.

Handkerchiefs – at least 18.

1 Clothes Brush

Sewing implements and materials for mending and marking.

* 1 Umbrella

1 Travelling Rug.

4 Towels.

Hangers for dresses and skirts.

Hair Ribbons and Slides – Brown.


Foot Wear.

3 Pairs Brown Shoes. All shoes must be of plain design and have low heels.

1 Pair Bedroom Slippers.

1 Pair White Gym Shoes.

1 Pair Hockey Boots.

* 1 Pair Hockey Pads.

1 set Shoe-cleaning materials (in box or bag).

Sports Wear – Obtainable at Jespers, Carlisle

2 Green Shirts.

1 Pair Brown Shoes.

2 Pairs Games Stockings.

1 Bathing Costume.

1 Bathing Cap.

Additional, and for SUMMER TERM only.

1 Panama hat to be obtained at school.

* 1 Thinner Full-length Brown Coat.

1 Sunday Dress – of Lystav material. Details on separate sheet.

3 Regulation checked cotton dresses. (Dresses or material to make them, to be obtained from Jespers, Carlisle). Details on separate sheet.

2 Washing Frocks of any colour.

* 2 Petticoats – for light dresses.

2 Pairs Knickers.

White Socks.

White Shorts (for tennis – V and VI Forms).



Hat Bands and Badges for Berets are supplied at the School.

The Clothes in the above list are all necessary, and should be of good wearing material, and in really good repair. It is requested that nothing extra should be sent back at the beginning or during term.

Every article, all garments, and detachable parts of garments (e.g. belts, collars, etc.) should be clearly marked with name in full (on Cash’s tapes) before being sent back.

The names should be at the back of the neck where possible.

All light-coloured collars and cuffs should be detachable to allow for washing and spare ones should be provided.

One simple Brooch for dress or ties may be worn, but no other jewellery.

For the first night of term an attache case, containing sponge bag, brush and comb, and night wear is required