Wigton School was founded in 1815 by a group of local Quakers. They leased the house at Highmoor and added a wing containing a long classroom with bedrooms above. (The wing comprises the right hand side of this picture) The main house was used to house the principal and the kitchens

The school prospered, and by 1825 new premises were needed. A purpose built school was constructed at Brookfield, and the pupils and staff moved into the new building in 1826. The school was renamed Brookfield School.

There are no pictures of the school while it was at Highmoor, the two early pictures here being taken some years later. The picture on the right was taken by a former pupil of the school in 1899. Lawrence Taylor went on to become the architect at Brookfield, designing several extensions and the main gate.

Highmoor as it is now.

Wigton School at Higmoor 1815 - 1826