Old School:  200th Anniversary

On the Friday afternoon of Old Scholars Weekend about 25 of us gathered at the site of the original School, now known as Brindle Cottage, in the grounds of Highmoor Tower.  We were warmly welcomed by the owner, Godfrey (Dog), and our President Tony Ferguson unveiled a Plaque to the school, on the wall by the front door.  The weather was beautifully sunny and warm and the atmosphere at the gathering was wonderful and very ‘Brookfield’.  Ian and Lois Hill very kindly allowed us to park in their yard – both had connections to Brookfield at one time.  Dog led people around his home which has retained a few original details including the very wide doors, lovely staircase with its typical Cumbrian half landing window.

This was an occasion which will stay in our memories for a very long time it was lovely.  What a great start to this special celebratory weekend.