There are four history books detailing the history of Wigton School, later called Brookfield. The school was founded in 1815 at Highmoor in Wigton. Pictures and a description of these early years can be found by following the gallery tab on the menu bar.

 History articles written by Former Pupils are linked below.

The earliest history is a pamphlet entitled Wigton School and the surrounding area. Only three existing copies are known by us. One of them is owned by Mr & Mrs Snowball. A second copy exists in the Quaker library. A third copy was sold to an unknown buyer by an antiquarian book seller in 2008. If you know of another copy we would love to hear from you. Two pages from this pamphlet are reproduced below. The second, Appendix D refers to the creation of WOSA in 1890.

A selection of very early photographs/pictures

The three later Histories of the school

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Year 1 Report


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Brookfield Foundations

A rambling by Malcolm Bell 2016

Links to articles on the History of the School written by Former Pupils

The Early Years or “And you thought you had it rough.”

A History by Arnold Snowball

The Brookfield War Memorial Chair (At Swarthmore Hall)


Malcolmbellarticle arnoldhistory

The Last 70 Years

By Arnold Snowball