Southern Reunion

Slinfold, West Sussex Saturday 8th June 2013

It was a strange feeling– fifty four years for me and sixty years for Diana since leaving school - and here we were on our way to a reunion. It had started from a casual question “why had the old school burnt down?”.  The inevitable Google search revealed that a second school history existed and having requested a copy phone calls came winging in from people I didn’t know: “when were you there?”, that was easy,  “who do you remember?” that was harder!  And then an e-mail from Ann Fort “I remember you” she said and from deep down I remembered too.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Angela Bourn (Taylor) had done us proud with great food and wine.  We had drinks before lunch under the wisteria and lunch in the attached marquee.  We told the story of our lives to the few we knew and to many we didn’t.  We talked of those far off days and asked about those absent, sadly quite a few now departed.

After our long lunch we repaired to the large garden and in the wonderful sunshine the group photos were taken.  Then farewells were made and Diana and I were on the train back to London.  It had all gone very quickly and been a great day with a very pleasant feeling. What was that feeling? Diana put her finger on it, it was the feeling that comes when socialising after a family ceremony, the easy familiarity with relatives very rarely seen or never met before - the feeling that comes from a family bond.

David Cowan 1954-59


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